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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my fiery red

Yearghh, iphone x mmpu beli

BB lagila x minat

HTC ni pon kire chare gakla

second htc in possession..muhaha

got the exact same colour..fiery red

Saturday, February 19, 2011


kenape saya xnak nek moto

bukan saye xnak nek moto..
tapi arini tgk orng meninggal lagi mase nak balik umah
aritu depan proton
ni depan simpang umah
aritu kat simpang belakang..
dah bnyak kli da asenye
jalan sini mmng sesak
kete melambak2
xpela minyak bnyak sket
kalo bergesel xla cepat tumbangnye..
ujan pon x basah..huh..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweden Trip 2

alhamdulillah, tonight shall be the last night for me in Arjeplog, Sweden..we already completing our tasks here, some of us will stay for some other work, some shall stay for holidays, so i'm pretty much going back alone to Malaysia.

when i first came here, this is indeed the land of snow,that was i thought, we are so far to the north, only one hour journey from the artic circle and the highest/warmest temp was still minus something, definitely not a place for any Malaysian indeed.

It is my first time for me to experience actual snow flowing down over the head, it was beautiful, small particle with geometric shape, feels like someone had already cut them properly before letting them down to earth, SubhanaAllah, all praises goes to Allah, creator for every living things.

Yesterday, I got a chance to went up the Galtis Mountain, It was not that steep, but it is definitely stunning, you can actually saw almost the entire arjeplog from here and also the test tracks that we have around this area, the temp was only -1o but the wind was strong, It was hard to open your eyes, and it was really2 cold up there. A worthy experience..

And today we went to Artic Circle, along the way, all you could see is the astonishing lake view panorama, all white and frozen, =)..somehow, it was sunset and it was a great view, we stop by to snap few pics, Artic Circle was pretty much nothing, the population is low, act the entire arjeplog was only consists of 3k residents, and it is only popular during winter,

and tomorrow, i'm gonna leave Sweden and stayed in Amsterdam for a night.

Goodbye Sweden..HELLO Netherlands!..=)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Besiar-siar di jalanan

frst day di stockholm..

skng pukul 9.19 waktu cni, waktu mas lebey kuang kol 4.20am, alhamdulillah 2 flight pagi tadi aq selamat tiba ke destinasinye..=), lebey kuang pukul 6.30 tadi smpai ke, since we do few hours to kill before next flight, berjalan2 la kat dlm schiphol airport tu..x sempat la nak tgk view amsterdam ni kat lua..hehe, ade tempat jual perfume yang agak murah gakla aq ase..sempena valentine promotion agaknye, sebla aq bukn peminat perfume2 mahal ni..haha

then, lebey kurng pkul 12 lebey cmtu, merayau2 la kiteorng mencari hotel yang dah dtempah kat bandar stockholm ni, cuace 2 degree C kut, xpe sebb windy kadng mencabar gakla, cmnela nak menempuh perjalanan ke tmpat -20 esok ni..haha..

Pas check in, masing2 da lapar, so kiterong ingat nak pg mengurup wang dulu seblum cr tmpat makn, jalan punye x hingat, tapi amik peluang sight seeing gakla jugak, brla dpt menggurup, pastu nak cr tmpat mkn pon payah..last2 mkn kat Mai Thai..blehla, yg pnting sume seafood, xde meat k..konpem2 la xde sape nak jadi tukang sembelih..

Then, kiteorng pecah2..ade yang dah balik hotel, but still kiteorng ber3 challo g cr hardrock cafe, dieorng nak cr baju, once again aq yang bukan collector ni tgk jela, hrge bleh okla, bukn selalu dtng cni, haha..yng kelakarnye, punyela tadi cr maknan halal sume, otw ke hardrock tu blehla jumpe restaurang Malaysia..haha, agk menraik la, ko blehla jumpe nasi gorng..sate sume kat cni, ahha, kalo tau tadi bekla mkn cni je,

hmm,next time aq haplod gamba, xley nak transfr la plak..huh