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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Job Interview

Alhamdulillah, sempat gak pow sket mase nak mengupdate blog nih..can't say that i'm too busy with works while i'm actually not, pretty much that nothing fancy happened lately that worth to be written here (mcmla ade orng bce..hehe),

went for my first job interview last weekend, interview by PROTON at their headquarters in Shah Alam, Selangor, 17th April, i was actually at the final stage of 3 stages interview, first one is the raven test or IQ test la lebey kurang, 36 silly questions..haha, susah bak, but yet you have to betol 22/36 to pass this test, alhamdulillah, after shooting2 sket the last 10 questions, i managed to score 24, barely enough la kan, haha, syukur2, actually my IQ test and HR screening interview was conducted at UTP, much earlier..i was like maybe i am not being shorlisted since my name was not there for UTP selection.tah camne cek2 email ade la plak kne wat kat PROTON Shah Alam..lucky enough my friend told me..kalau x mmng x cek emailnye..huhu

still remember the day i went for IQ test at UTP..kalut habis, we were actually pretty late for the interview, and then my car wont start..ok2 relax lil bit, then my friends suggest that we push the car, ok2 tryla wat..sian dak2 ni berpeluh tolak kete, agak jauh gak..then i remembered that aq x reti pon nak masuk gear cmne nih..kahkah2 noob habis, pdhl kalo moto senng giler..kete jd x reti lak..supposed kene masukkn trus gear 2 lepas..xyah men minyak bak noob mase tu..i was nearly like frustated, more to penat actually, i am just thinking like going back to the room, but then my friend was able to borrow another car and we went for that interview.

yup, that was happening at UTP, kat Shah Alam last weekend agak smooth gakla, we start our journey at 9.30 pm and ended up arriving around 1.30am something at Batu Arang, dekat2 rawang, thanks for so kind hearted tuan rumah yang sanggup masak bihun pukul 1 lebey, peh, respect, siyesly, then we slept around 3.30am, 2 jam je tidur sebb nak kne gerak seksyen 26 dah kol 6.30am tu. Alhamdulillah jugak sebb x sesat mane la cari PROTON tu, my interview was actually conducted 2 time by 4 diffrent persons, suprisingly, one of them is SEMSASIAN..hehe, lucky me, that was i thought first, but it turn out he was the one yang selalu bashing,hehe but bashing yang kelaka2 jela, nothing serius, they were great interviewer, settle the first one, then i was called by that semsasian, he wants me to be interviewed by another department, this one is from component testing department, since i already clarify that i want to be in technical team first, before they proposed me to be in project dev. team, alhamdulillah ok gakla interviewer kali ni, super nice gak..they asked me mainly on my FYP since i was doing FYP in automotive, more toward vibration analysis on suspension and also implementation of feedback controllers, jawabla sekadar yang mampu but the main issues here is i am PETRONAS scholar and they expect me to work with PET upon gradution, tp tula skng ni mcm2 leh jadi, graduates sem lepas pon ramai lg x dapt placement or even Structured Interview, mmngla hopes tu kalo leh nak g PETRONAS, dah die penat sponsor belaja 5 tahun kut kt UTP ni, bukn murah2, satu sem tu dekat 7k..huhu

well, that's end my PROTON interview, i didnt expect much since the competition was stiff, so many great candidates from various universities, but still hope remains la kan..

insyaallah ade rezeki dptla..doa banyak2

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