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Monday, January 17, 2011

6 months..!

x lame lagi, awal bulan 2 ni dah dekat 6 bulan aq mencari nafkah di proton holdings sdn bhd, dan jugak next month ni akan dikonfemkanla jawatnnye kalo xde pape masalah, insyaAllah ok je asenye, x pernah lagi la plak ade orng x knfem selama ni, hehe,

proton to me is definitely a good place to start your career, well, of course there were thousands of other companies which can offers u that, not going to deny that..=) but since my opportunity is here, so i'm saying things from my own perspectives.
proton is a GLC company, we all fully aware that it does carry out not just the car itself in the form of body, chassis, subframe, IP, whatsoever but seriously, it does carry out malaysian brand as one of the car manufacturer/maker in the world,

we all should be proud with Proton

we were the eleventh countries which actually produce its own national car and still, we were able to sustain the company growth, product development, research and at the same time fighting in a niche and stiff market, competing with the world giants as well as product from developing country, Proton has grew up, from a small developing company to one of the largest, but still, we are young..too young compared to those which had been dominating this industries for the past 100 years. They had build vehicles for mass production while we were still fighting for our independent, they build and mastered their own engines while we still sketching our first model,

they were definitely ahead and always will be, but does it mean we cant beat them? with a good and proper business strategies, technical capabilities, forward thinking, we can beat them upfront. just like Tun said before, fighting in internal combustion engine is like fighting with nails while they were using M16 or Ak47 or even magnum, thus, we shall deviates, looking into eco solution, EV car, hybrid. This is future malaysia and we shall take this advantage in term of timing to develop a future engines for Proton, Eco style!

developing a car is not that easy, and it is very costly, there were thousand child parts which have certain development on its own and it is also not cheap as well, to design a bolt, simple eh? but its length, the thread, cap, sizes, it all comes with different specs for each main parts, the torque must be correct or it will jeopardize your chassis, the excessive stress that being implemented will cause you millions in the future, believe me, its all comes down to money after all, but still, Proton wants to give the customer the best that we can, at the most affordable prices for most malaysians.

We all pray for a better tomorrow insyaAllah

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