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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recipe for disaster..

i seriously have nothing to write lately..

At a certain point of your life, when you no longer looking for a weird fancy hairstyle, or your unspoken brotherhood and when you realized that you are old enough to play with trolley at the top of JJ mall, then let me tell you bro!'re ready for a marriage!!..hihi

Orait, let us all stroll on my own crafted list for a marriage,

The first one in the row, please!, for the love of God, make sure your mate is a pure man, or girl!, you seriously dont want to get suprise later,

ok, cross that out, 2nd on the list, shower your daily life with continuous love and smile, altogether!, it is indeed the utmost important recipe for long life..heh! but seriously, how often could you see an honest man, living his life with none other but a continuous smile in his face, dont patronized him, he might be suffering from smiling disease but hell yeah! doesnt that count?

Third, buy yourself things you desire the most before you even get married, It is a key for a happy, long-lasting, day-dreaming marriage, hehe! If you wanna do bungee jumping from top of KLCC tower pon, yes! please do so, or else you might ended up not doing it until reaching your death bed or i might doing it, with someone getting hurt, No choice hombre!

the fourth unneeded lesson that i might teach u is: please repeatedly tell urself that u need this!, that u are a man with no destiny without a wife guiding you, then u shall henceforth living ur pity life in a long satisfying marriage..hehe

That's all folks

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