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Sunday, January 31, 2010


nice one la Nani..

Great..Great football last night, we went to Ameeth sharing tables with Arsenal's fans. Urm, something that i can sum up from last night match..of course from UNITED side..haha.

Well, the game was so fascinating, at last MU beat arsenal 3-1 in such a dramatic display and breathtaking performance, the goals from all three MU forward, Nani, Rooney and Park Ji Sung had shown the gunners the quality of red devil. Nani had shown an extraordinary performance, finishing the goal with a solo effort, assisting Rooney and played a major part in United win last night. Rooney keep on scoring with his quality first timer to add up his own record up to 22 goals this season and Park Ji Sung had found himself an easy way after a quick counter attack to put the ball in the net.

The gunners was totally outplayed, although the last 10 minutes could be the best chances to turn the game around but at the end it was UNITED who went back with 3 point lead over Arsenal.


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