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Friday, January 29, 2010

Saya Ingin Bersenam 1

so...where do i start..

we all knew that perfect balance between your meal@ nutrition and
ur physical activities are the keyword to attain good health and of course it does not stop about external factors..emotion, surrounding..they were all related.

so today, i declare myself as
ur trainer hehe..

we are going to learn about one type of weird chemical inside us called
NPY ( Neuropeptide ).
Based on the study, people with high level cholesterol were always diagnosed to have a high level of
NPY.. Of course we took that for granted since most of us are focusing on both exercises and also meals simultaneously, so, how far do we knew about NPY??

NPY basically caused by the stress.iye tuan2 sekalian..STRESS!..when your NPY level is high you tend to eat the other word, it does stimulate your appetite and make you craving for foods..scary eh..

the worst part is
NPY will also stimulate your size to be even bigger and increase your fat cells..

so, besides knowing the fact that unhealthy meal could make you bigger, safety measures must be taken to control your stress rite?

(hidden message:To all FYP people..lets have some fun..don't stress2...hehe)

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