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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dare To Fail

I've been thinking lately, after reading few issues on this, seeing people debate over such matter, well, lots of thing came up, i'd like to believe that it was just a phrase, no need to stretch urselves, but the thing is, it should not be left behind, at least not without us tried to extract something from such word. Erm, used to be a failure before, knew how hard it is to move on.

Pretty much from self awareness part, seriously, who actually want to be a failure, being called a failure itself was a pain in the ass kan? Clearly no one want to stand on the podium of failurity (huh.. if there is such word),in university for instance, you got equal chance to perform and each semester does reflect your final result, let say u fail once, it would jeopardize the whole result kan, so students normally work so hard so that at the end they could actually achieved something from the hard work, so what they taught, so what we believe in.

But practically, does this term applied outside the university gate, yup, although we've been in the industry, i believe that yet there were so much things need to be discovered, outside, there were abundant of opportunities for us to tackle, but yet it was so easily for us to crumble and fail, we are no longer in this comfort zone, the situation is far more challenging compared to university's life. A man will stay as failure if he does not do anything to improve himself, but as he took the mistakes as a lesson learn, improve himself, he'll find that he is much more stronger and capable in setting his own target and dreams. At least he knew that there is no room for second mistakes what so ever.

I have to say that i'm agreed that dare to fail is not the same as being a failure first before we actually succeed, in fact you can always learn from somebody mistakes and to me it is the most brilliant move. Learn from others so that we shall not repeating it again.

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