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Saturday, March 13, 2010

holiday again

yup2 its mid term holiday already..awkward isnt it..there is time when you feel that time do passed slowly and yet it s already mid term before you know it..nothing fancy happened, this holiday sort of makes me thinking that i am going to be out there in a moment, 3 months is not that long of course, with all the chores, and little bit smell of hard works, then it will comes to an end, hopefully it comes with series of joyful tears and laughter packages..all in one..hehe.

Well, i do believe that out there it is no longer my dream world to most of us, for those who actually getting things they desired the most, congrats i must say, at least you do what you ought to work for it and you get it, something worth a praise, 23 years old of age does seems quite tricky, you're not that young, yes it is but at the same time you're still fancy of quite a rubbish old jokes, then again it is not a jokes if its not rubbish, seriously couldn't stand those educational jokes nowadays..haha

Ok, 23 years of age, you need to start working..leaving all those dreamy world behind, i'm not ready yet, well at least i knew it, bosses, projects, deadline , haha..Ya Allah, hopefully i will be able to do this, working, growing old with few kids, and live my life to fullest at the end of my day
Yup, i knew i could do this.

reality bites..yup2

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