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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

test and testes

3 tests in a row..ysterday's morning, evening and today's 7.30 am Advance Manufacturing test..
My little brain was extremely exhausted..yes indeed, seriously i was craving for free-test nap (haHA..nak rehat..tolongla!!)after this but yet there were still my FYP to be submitted.

As we all going for mid-term holiday and my seminar for FYP is exactly one day after holiday's end, i should make the preparation early isn't it. and still the deadline for progress report II is pretty much the same day of my seminar..well cut the crap, i planned to settle my report this week, exactly around a week earlier, that should comfort me during holiday..yup2 have a peace mind and body at home..hehe.

the progress so far is quite behind schedule..i should be done playing with mathematical equation but instead already focusing on the controller, huhu

Nvm.. i do it right after test..huh

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