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Saturday, December 18, 2010

and the stories continue..=)

yesterday was fun, but seriously not fun enough when u got trapped, not being able to enter the house because somebody lock it from inside and to add to my misery, i was definitely need to go to toilet, small bladder i guess,

So, i ended up calling people inside in the middle of the night, can hear the phone ring but no ones actually take it, huh!..anyway, cant blame them, its 3 am already, they were strolling in dreams of course, but alhamdulillah, after many22 trials, pg answered mine and thats ended my torture..hehe,

so, the story goes, i went to pantai dalam around 5.00 pm, to meet cik yan there, she was craving for aiskrim goreng, haish! we went to pasar malm, bought two delicious aiskrim goreng and others stuffs, seriously, there were so many fine delicacies that u could find here, i was like, wanna buy every single things but its membazir already since i'm not going to finish them,

then, after maghrib prayer, its soccer time!, we went to see second leg for AFF Suzuki cup semi final between mas and vietnam, Cik yan definitely not very comfortable with that, i was so into the game, lucky shes understand, well the match wasnt so good in my opinion, but the strategy was definitely right, but for the last 10 minutes, mas played very well, and they got so many fine opportunity to score, i mean, 1 to 1 already cannot score meh? and it was like 4 times already, adeh!!..yup, we definitely understand that mas is already ahead with 2 goals different, but dont play2 lah, just scored them and i'll be happy to cheer you up..lucky its a draw, and we find our way to the final..=)

later that night, we went to catch movie at Mid, there were 3 title that i find amusing, its Tron, narnia and Hantu kak Limah, ke Mak Limah, nvm..hehe, at last we choose Narnia, Voyage of the dawn treader, well i always love to see film with magical element or fantasy film..(not Magika ok !)..where i can find a magical land, castle,beast, dragons, stuffs like that, thus, narnia suite me well i guess, the movie is great but i think the first and second sequel was better, well, just my opinion..

thats end our night, after sending cik yan home,i was so sleepy myself, went back to USJ and find myself locked outside..

great ending kan..

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