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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For You..

For You: Cik Etrie Yanthie Syahril

From the moment you step in my heart
is the moment you stole them away
Locked it outside, far east of the eastern shore
For the keys to be search and keys to be found

I'll find them within the eyes
I'll search them deep in the voices
The gaze of the eyes trapping me inside
The maze dancing in the voices for it is hauntingly beautiful
but keys is nowhere to be found..

As i stood still and close me eyes
As i shut down the voices and opened my heart to listen
Here they are, shining in white and silver
Dazzling in my palm, hereby seeking for the answers

Have i saved you My Luv, when dangers came knocking in your path..
Have i sang for you My Luv, when lullabies seemed to be the right melodies
Have i said to you My Luv,how my love grew stronger each day?

1.53 pm

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