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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nyata berbeza..!

When i first came to Proton in August 2nd, they were already halfway in term of development and testing for the new Saga FL, every single living person in the office were doing their job and definitely no time to waste at all, they were catching up to the dateline, although they indeed faced lots of difficulties along the way,
Saga FL is the latest variant for new saga model, which had been launched on november this year, Still maintaining the Saga platfom, the new FL added many changes in both exterior and inside the engine bay, for interior, it's pretty much the old saga,

The exterior showed the new headlamp which gave the strong look and impression to the new saga FL, the faces had changed as well as the rear combi, there is a lot of talks on how the small rear combi will be affecting the performance, however i must say the sizes of the rear combi will not be affecting them at all, they were using LED this time. But from my point of view, i'm not very fond of smaller rear combi, it should be bigger

Saga FL comes in two phases, for sure many have not known this, this time, they came out with new looks, second phase will come very soon when we shall added new changes in term of performance,

july next year shall be exciting i believe..=)


  1. salam.

    eh,ko keje proton dah skrg ea??tahniah2.hebat tuh.

    btw,next july kluar persona r ke??hohohooh.ak rajin bace berita auto ni.huhu


  2. alhamdulillah, xdela hebat mane pon,
    isk persona r lmbat lagi farid, baru clay model yang ko tgk kat KLIMS tu, tapi skng ngh rancak wat la..

  3. hebatlaa gak tuh.syukur2.heheheh

    ooo.ak dengar quarter 4 2011 kuar persona r.sje je usha2 berita proton ni sbb ak slalu bace blog kete.hohohoho

    btw,kat cni yg ak slalu dpt latest info especially proton.

    tahniah2 dah dpt keje bagus!!